Sally Ho's Technical Analysis 13 June 2019

Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC/USD) moved lower early in today’s Asian session as the pair tested the 8198.38 area and then reversed course just below the 100-bar MA (4-hourly), eventually dropping to the 8145.66 area.  Early in yesterday’s North American session, the pair rocketed to the 8292.43 level, representing its strongest print since 3 June. Stops were elected above the 8222.45 area during the move higher, the then-100-bar MA (4-hourly). Stops were also then triggered above levels that we have identified in recent analyses, including the 8246.56/ 8258.50/ 8278.55 areas with BTC/USD unable to wander too far above the 8278.55 area, representing…
Source: Sally Ho's Technical Analysis 13 June 2019

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